Colorado Regional Training
November 2nd, 2017
Boulder, Colorado

Tactical Communication 101: Dealing Effectively with Difficult & Aggressive Behavior – This is an interactive course designed to help the participant defuse and de-escalate conflict. The course is intended to provide front-line customer service personnel with tools and options to calmly and effectively address aggressive behaviors and challenging situations encountered at work during the course of performing their duties.
Learning Objectives:
• Understand the fundamental characteristics of professionalism
• Reduce customer complaints through effective communication strategies
• Use paraphrasing techniques as a communication tool
• Demonstrate active listening skills to better understand the customer
• Recognize potential stress inducing behaviors at work
• Identify inconsistencies in your communication style with customers and co-workers
• Strengthen your professional credibility

Tactical Communication 201: Setting the Tone through Effective Communication – The second of two seminars designed to assist front-line staff in the delivery of excellent customer service. Attendees learn techniques intended to assist them with communication challenges frequently encountered when dealing with customers. This seminar is intended to assist staff in the delivery of quality customer service while navigating the complexities of difficult customer interactions. Information presented in this course builds on the skills and techniques introduced in Tactical Communication 101.
Learning Objectives:
• Appreciate the influence of the first impression
• Understand the impact and effect of rudeness
• Identify the impacts of “Mood Quotient”
• Define and appropriately apply empathy with customers & co-workers
• Recognize the physical signs of deception
• Define learned & situational optimism
• Recognize customer service as an attitude